Shit, I thought banned material WAS allowed. What was I thinking?

18 10 2009



Hudson’s Bay Company rips off Bob and Doug Mckenzie’s style

1 10 2009

IMG_1135In a shameless move today The Hudson’s Bay Company rolled out it’s line of Olympic clothing. Anyone who has even a passing familiarity with Canadian culture will immediately see that the HBC fashion designers have blatantly based their new line on the personal look of Bob and Doug Mckenzie.  This is not homage – it’s fromage. Bob and Doug McKenzie are Canadian cultural icons. Who’s next? … Bruno Gerussi ….Gump Worsley? This is cultural appropriation at it’s worst – it must stop and it must stop now. Remember Bob and Doug’s heroic legal battle when Bob found a mouse in his bottle of Canadian? Their David vs Goliath struggle with that corporate giant was unsuccessful but I’ll bet that they’ll come out on top this time.

They’re going to get a lot of HBC blankets from this lawsuit. If they’re smart they’ll take a page from HBC’s history book and trade them for beaver.

Stuff Vancouver People Like

21 09 2009

With apologies to Christian Lander


Vancouverites are very happy and comfortable doing yoga. Yoga is an activity that takes place on a small 2 foot by four foot matt. It reminds them of their tiny overpriced Vancouver apartment.


Going for coffee at one of Vancouver’s many coffee shops is something thousands of Vancouverites do on their way to their job working at  a Vancouver coffee shop.

The Naam

The Naam Resaurant is one of Vancouver’s venerable old institutions. There’s usually a line-up outside which draws even more people to line-up as Vancouverites are suckers for restaurant line-ups. The line-ups are partly due to the fact that the service is kinda, um, uh slow. Order a cup of tea and a muffin. The server will come back twenty minutes later and ask you if you are ready to order.  I can sum things up with three words. Short term memory. You know what I’m talking about. Rhymes with marry-wana. The slow service works quite well for this restaurant – its the only remaining business on fourth Ave from the 1960’s.

Mountain Equipment Co-Op

A place where people who pride themselves in reducing their carbon foot-print go to load up on outdoor gear produced in third world countries that has been shipped half-way across the planet so that they can travel to third world countries half-way across the planet.

The Grouse Grind

A true rite of passage for anyone living or visiting Vancouver. People either do it once and swear that they will never do it again or become hopelessly addicted. The hike up is free. No hiking down allowed so you have to take the gondola down for five bucks.

Apparently it’s legal. When you get off the gondola at the base of the mountain after finishing your favorite addictive activity there’s a Starbucks waiting for you. Surprise, surprise.

French Immersion

Never quite understood the attraction of this. Ever met anyone in Vancouver from France or Quebec who could not speak English? The French should not be encouraged. They’re the ones behind Fois Gras….. the women don’t shave their legs or armpits….. and they think Jerry Lewis is funny.   Sending your kids to a French immersion school is a bad idea because eventually they will feel obliged to pursue a boring soul-destroying career as a federal civil servant in order to validate your decision to send them to a French immersion school. They will resent you for the rest of their lives. If you really want to do them a favor forget about French, Cantonese, Mandarin or Hindi immersion. Instead send them to a Spanish immersion school.  Everyone who grows up in Vancouver will eventually end up partying their brains out somewhere in Mexico or Central America. Being fluent in Spanish will make their experience more enjoyable from start to finish. Phrases like “ excuse me for throwing up on your carpet “, “ where am I ? “,  “ you’re with the Federales – you’re here to help me – right?”  and “ bail is How much? will roll off their tongues. They’ll love you forever

Basement sweets.

Basement sweets are quite popular in Vancouver. Not quite sure why these small damp dark living spaces are called basement sweets. Should be called  basement sucks.

Parking immunity

Vancouver is a city overrun with parking meters. When there are no parking spaces available Vancouverites will often park in a no-parking space and turn on their four way flashers thinking that it will give them immunity from parking violation tickets. By-law enforcement officers love this because it immediately calls attention to the illegally parked vehicle. It’s kinda the parking equivalent of the Darwin awards.

The Hollow Tree in Stanley Park

Tens of thousands of dollars have been spent keeping this dead rotten old thing upright. Maybe they should send it to the Senate in Ottawa.

The Nine-o-clock gun.

Should be the four-twenty gun. That would make a lot more sense.

Cypress Mountain

Ski hill next to Grouse mountain. If you look on a map there is no Cypress mountain. Strachan and Black mountain yes, but no Cypress Mountain. No wonder people get lost there on a regular basis.

Commercial drive

A good place to hang out in a Che Guevara tee shirt, write in a journal at a commie run coffee shop and complain about the government while collecting a government welfare cheque.

Tibetan Prayer Flags

When they’re not writing in their journals in commie run Commercial Drive coffee shops, Che Guevara (who was known to shoot deserters) tee shirt wearing Vancouverites can be seen stringing Tibetan prayer flags across their front porches and balconies.


Vancouver is too far from Mexico so employers bring in cheap labour from Surrey. Vancouver’s retail businesses would grind to a halt without the  Skytrain .

Vietnamese Restaurants

Mmmmmmm – Tendon and tripe soup. Sometimes served with an ounce of lead when a ruckus breaks out.

Public Storage Facilities

Renting a storage space in Vancouver is quite popular due to the fact that  a lot of people don’t have enough space in their tiny apartments or basement sweets. These places rate a solid ten out of ten on the creepy-o-meter. I’m pretty sure that most of these places have at least one dead body inside. Either that or a bunch of cyrogenically  preserved half-dead corpses hanging upside down that are

hooked up to life support machines until their organs are harvested and sold after they ripen.

Stanley Park

On a lighter and more positive note, Stanley Park is one of the jewels of Vancouver. Featuring a beautiful view of the North Shore mountains, a world class aquarium, cricket and rugby fields and the ever popular seawall walk. It’s also a place where people who can’t afford a storage locker go to dump body parts in the woods.