Free Coffee at Starbucks

20 09 2009

Sunday morning …..sitting in Starbuck’s composing my first blog ever.
Very engrossed in this process.
Just took a sip from my cup…… big mistake …..sipped from the wrong cup.
………fzzck that was weird.
Wondering whose cup that was.
Blaaaa. ….

Can’t let that throw me off… Must focus. The world needs to hear my voice. I have things to say.
I’ll have more things to say once I get home and get into my liquor cabinet. Hope I can remember the lock combination.

Is it OK to drink and blog? Am I going to get into trouble for that? Will bad things happen? I hope not. We’ll see.

So Starbucks. Can I say Starbucks? Is that OK? Maybe they’ll send me a gift card or something.
Love this blogging thing already. Free coffee just for mentioning Starbuck’s … cool. I’m so exited.

Maybe I can get free stuff from other companies just by mentioning their names. OK.
Bud, Budweiser, Coors ( not the light stuff please ) ummm thinking hard here… Heinekin , Stella Artois….. well that should do for now – I can only drink so much by myself. Maybe I’ll have frends now. I can hardly wait.

So……getting back to Starbucks. A wonderful company by the way.
Now maybe I’m off base here but I think there should be two lines leading to the till at Starbucks. One line for decent people like you and I and another line for those miserable fucks who place orders for no foam, skinny, four pump, blaa blaa blaa yada yada yada coffees. The Barristas should be allowed to say something like ” sorry – that order is just too fucking long – get in that other line please”. I don’t think too many people would have a problem with that.

I’m going home now. Maybe my free booze has arrived.
I’m so exited about this.