Hudson’s Bay Company rips off Bob and Doug Mckenzie’s style

1 10 2009

IMG_1135In a shameless move today The Hudson’s Bay Company rolled out it’s line of Olympic clothing. Anyone who has even a passing familiarity with Canadian culture will immediately see that the HBC fashion designers have blatantly based their new line on the personal look of Bob and Doug Mckenzie.  This is not homage – it’s fromage. Bob and Doug McKenzie are Canadian cultural icons. Who’s next? … Bruno Gerussi ….Gump Worsley? This is cultural appropriation at it’s worst – it must stop and it must stop now. Remember Bob and Doug’s heroic legal battle when Bob found a mouse in his bottle of Canadian? Their David vs Goliath struggle with that corporate giant was unsuccessful but I’ll bet that they’ll come out on top this time.

They’re going to get a lot of HBC blankets from this lawsuit. If they’re smart they’ll take a page from HBC’s history book and trade them for beaver.