The Devolution of Man

24 12 2009

I took this picture in a washroom in Langley B.C.

Visual instructions on how close to stand to the urnal to avoid peeing on the floor or our shoes.  I think it’s a good illustration of the evolutionary direction of the male gender. It wasn’t too long ago that we ruled the planet. Our paintings were the only ones good enough to hang in national galleries like the Louvre or the Prado. Women cooked but men were chefs. Time Magazine used to run an annual issue titled “ Man of The Year”.  We started wars for no good reason and ransacked other countries willy-nilly. Presidents gave White House interns cigars and did other important business with them in the Oval Office…… We spent millions of dollars of taxpayers hard earned cash so we could send men to the moon to ride around on lunar dune buggies and play golf…… Now look at us – we don’t even know how close to stand to a urnal.  Our knuckles are getting closer to dragging the ground every day. The Band Devo ( which is short for devolution ) recorded a song titled “ Are we not men?” . Yes we are men but we’re also going the way of the Dodo bird.  Oh well – we had a good run. Time to pass the torch. At least we can all still pop open our car hoods work on our engines. ….. well no, actually most of us can’t even do that anymore.




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