Thanksgiving dinner

13 10 2009


Here’s a Thanksgiving dinner suggestion. Ever heard of a Turducken? Basically it’s a chicken, stuffed into a duck, stuffed into a turkey and cooked in one of those big ass outdoor propane deep fryers. I’ve never had one but they sound delicious. Mmmmmmmm…fat cooked in fat – what could be better than that?.  A  turduckenquin of course. Got the idea a few days ago when I passed by this place with a big sign out front that said  “Penquin Meat”. I didn’t know that you could actually buy Penquin meat but I guess  nothing is sacred these days. So I’m thinking that if you got a Turduckin and stuffed it inside a Penguin and deep fried it in a big ass deep fryer you’d have a Thanksgiving dinner that would be couldn’t be beat. And here’s the fun part. Invite all your annoying holier than thou vegan friends over. You know – the ones that are always laying guilt trips on you for eating meat. They’ll never bother you again.




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