Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games

30 09 2009

Here’s what we have to look forward to:

DOUBLES LUGE  – If you and your buddy got dressed up in rubber suits and got into that position in a pubic park you’d be arrested.

FOUR MAN BOBSLED – Another event featuring guys in rubber suits in a position that would get them arrested in public park. This event is usually won by a team comprised of a construction worker, a native indian, a police….. well you get the idea.  They’ll be staying at the Y.M.C.A. during the games. They’ll have fun there.

BIATHLON –  Ski, shoot, ski, shoot, ski, shoot. ……..should be a high percentage of   suburban Vancouver athletes representing Canada in this event. Sponsored by Cadillac Escalade

BORDER CROSS – Watch for the Mexican team in this event – they’ll be the ones to beat.

SNOWBOARDING –  It’s the Green Olympics  – Go Ross Go!!!

MOGULS – The only people who got tickets to the Gold medal hockey finals.

SLALOM SKIING – As usual the Israeli Ski team will show up, look around and say “Shit, thought they said Shalom Skiing. Let’s go home”


An event that’s usually over in two minutes. The Italian guys are always good here – two minutes is something they practice with they wives every night.

OLYMPIC MASCOT – An Inukshuk – A stone man. Hey, it’s Vancouver and Whistler – shouldn’t that be a stoned man? That would make more sense. Tommy Chong would be a good choice – he’s from Vancouver.




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